Online Space Planners

Welcome to Portaliz. Let us create a custom online space planner for your business that you can add to your existing website and which helps your customers visualize the products your offer.

Use the sample modular sofa space planner above to create a seating area that matches your needs. Click on any of the modular couch sections and then arrange them in any way you like.

You can use our space planners to showcase any type of indoor/outdoor furniture, home decor, real estate development, and more.

Cost Reduced - 40%
Time Saved - 80%
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Online Wardrobe Planners

In addition to our space planners, we offer custom online wardrobe planners that help your customers visualize how they can combine the different types of apparel you offer to create various looks.

Add a whole new element to your shopping experience and empower your online shoppers to purchase more.

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Garden Planners

In addition to our space planners, we offer custom online garden planners that help your customers visualize how they can put together various combinations of flowers to create their own unique gardens.

Allow your customers to save time and money by helping them visualize the end result of their gardening projects while they are in the planning phase.

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Online 3D Infographics
& 3D Diagrams

Last but not least we offer Custom 3D Diagrams & Custom 3D Infographics, that allows you to take any type of object in the world, real or imagined, and attach a wealth of information to it that helps your web users to explore any type of subject in a vast array of detail.

Also, you can easily integrate them with any web page, online docs, online user manual, or online tutorials.

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3D Sales Tools

  • Make use of interactive design as a way to display your products and services in an exceptional fashion that fascinates your clientele.

  • Interactive design is the perfect medium to make virtual product displays that present your product in a unique setting.

  • Additionally, create a mood around your website that can help make the services and products you offer more engaging and attractive.

  • Build an assortment of details and layers into your interactive environment to help express the nuances of the products and services your offer.

Interactive Diagrams

Use interactive web design as a means to create infographics that educate your clientele.

Interactive design is one of the best methods to create presentations that are educational as well as informative. Convey a multitude information using interactive 3D models and graphics.

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How To Videos

Custom 3D Interactive Sales Tools For Your Existing Website.

Just send an email to
projectdev@portaliz.space to discuss your project.

Custom Space Planner

  • Furniture
  • Clothes & Apparel
  • Home Accessories
  • Kitchen & Bath
  • Photoreal Graphics
  • Simple Integration
  • Feature Your Products
  • Interactive Web Design
  • Interactive InfoGraphics
  • 3D Product Configurators
  • Runs Everywhere
  • Mix Sound & Graphics

Custom 3D Infographics

  • Online User Manuals
  • Software Documentation
  • Web Content
  • Online Tutorials
  • Online Marketing
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • VR Compatible
  • Expand Your Reach
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Animation
  • AWS Web Hosting
  • Nothing To Download